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…the world of Sharky Hitchens!

UPDATED 12.30.2019

I’ve been called a “jackass of all trades” before and that seems to fit pretty well- I enjoy playing Pokemon TCG, gaming, writing, photography, bitching and trying to lose weight using a modified form of keto that I call – “Sharketo!”

I realize that most of the people that come into my world are here for one specific aspect of it. So- it’s pretty easy to find what you are looking for over to the right of your screen.

The first set of links covers my progress, my 3 year “book” following my weight loss journey and information about TreSixtyFi currently.

The next set of links are called “categories” but they are basically just places you can visit while in SharkysWorld- we don’t want you to get lost so here is more details about each. Every post, regardless of its category, gets posted directly to the main page- in order. If you just want to focus on one area, you can click on that and only view posts from that specific category.

5Ks – my wife and I have done several 5Ks on our weight loss journey and these are just recaps or information on 5Ks. We do plan on doing more in the future- probably 2-3 per year.

AMERICAN REALITY – this is where I write more fact based stuff; sort of like little essays that are more about facts and history than my opinion.

CLIFF NOTES – These are the Cliff Notes that follow my three year book (2018, 2019 and 2020) of my journey trying to get healthy. You can read ALL of them in the “Shrinking Sharky” section or just get caught up with the important stuff from each chapter (month).

IN THE KITCHEN – this is our recipe section. The wife and I try to do a recipe each Sunday but we miss a lot. We find a recipe, adapt it to what we like and then actually make it. If we like it- it goes in this section.

LET’S TALK ABOUT – I’m not sure myself what this section is yet but it’s sort of a mix of American Reality and Thoughts. Usually about touchy subjects that don’t get talked about much but should. It’s a mix of facts, evidence and opinion.

LOOT CRATE (Retired) – this is a RETIRED area- I tried Loot Crate out for 6 months and reviewed each box.

PHOTOGRAPHY – this area is pretty simple- I like taking pictures. I took ALL of the pictures posted unless otherwise noted.

POETRY – this area is pretty simple- I like writing words that rhyme…and some that don’t.

REVIEWS – this area used to be called “Finstastic of Nah”. It’s basically the place where I review stuff- from new foods to stores, shows, restaurants…anything really! Is it Fintastic!!! ….or nah???

SH-ART – I like doing art stuff- from drawing to coloring and I’m not great at it…I like to call it Sharky’s Art but most people call it Shitty Art…so I just went with Sh-Art!

SHARKACHU – this is the Pokemon area of my world, formally known as “Sharkfin PTCG”. I’ll write about decks, new stuff coming out, my favorite Pokemon or favorite card- just all Pokemon.

SHARKETO 101 – this just basically breaks down my Sharketo program, which is a modified version of keto- it’s modified to fit me (and possibly my wife.) I’m not a DR and I’m not saying it’s right or wrong or will even work for you- it covers what I’m doing and may be tweaked as things work or don’t work for me.

SHOUT OUT SATURDAY – I don’t really post here a lot but when I find something/someone I love- I want to give them a Shout Out for being awesome.

SHRINKING SHARK – this is the “meat and potatoes” of the site…well, just meat because potatoes aren’t Sharketo friendly. This is my weight loss section and it’s where I’ll post the most because it’s one of the biggest parts of my life.

THOUGHTS – this is just my random, personal blog where I may write about my personal life, thoughts, opinions or who knows what else- sort of like my “daily journal” and it’s more just stuff off the top of my head.

TRESIXTYFI (Retired) – this is something I write daily based on daily writing prompts. I don’t always get to upload them daily but I do write them daily and usually upload 4 or 5 at a time.

TRUE OG – this is my video gaming section! Formally known as Sharkfin Gaming. Basically everything from new games coming out to reviews. Old games I’m playing, stuff I’m interested in…all gaming! True OG can be “Original Gamer” but, for me, it’s mostly “Older Gamer” because that is what I am. Sharky is a True OG!

UPDATES – this is just overall site updates, things I’ve changed or updated. Formally known as “What’s Hapinfing?” It was just a quick place to put life updates but it will mostly be site updates from this point on.

Then you have LINKS which is simply links to places away from my world but still related to me- mostly social media, YouTube, streaming and my charity- Commons4Kids.

You can also buy some merch over there as well…because I’m a Maverick…I mean…a Sharkrick and you always gotta be plugging! Link in the bio and shit.

SOCIAL MEDIA – I have a Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram– all found as “SharkyHitchens.” Twitter is mostly quick little things and gets posted on less. Instagram is, of course, pictures and mostly related to Sharketo, art, etc. The Facebook page is the biggest part of my social media with almost everything getting shared there either links to full stories that are here on SharkysWorld.com or updates on my “temporary projects” like #Sharky75 and news from the Sharky News Network (SNN) newsroom.

Finally- I will updating on my YouTube once per week with “The Sharky Show” (Sundays) and I’ll sometimes do live streaming on my Twitch channel with “Sharky’s Stream” (Wednesdays). Those links are in the LINKS section.

I’ve tried to set it up so you ONLY see what you want to see- most Pokemon fans don’t want recipes and folks trying to lose some weight may not care what my views on a certain Pokemon deck are…hopefully it’s set up easy enough for you to get to exactly where you want to be.

Feel free to leave comments, ideas, opinions or email me at sharky@sharkysworld.com

As always…

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!