What is TreySixtyFi

I’m getting everything ready to have an amazing 2019 and one of the biggest things I’ve always wanted to do is a year of writing…365 posts. I’m going to be doing this ON TOP of all the other stuff. I found a great little Ebook from Rustico that has 365 writing prompts listed out by month and day so I’m just going to follow through that- some days may be super short and others may be an essay. I’ve looked through it and some may be more fun to dive into and others aren’t really of interest to me but I’m going to force myself to focus on one each day- at least a little bit.

I will be posting them, daily, right here on SharkysWorld.com under “TreySixtyFi “ The title will simply be the Day Number and the first line will be the writing prompt itself; then I’ll have the READ MORE link. Feel free to do this along with me if you want…you can even email me at sharky@sharkysworld.com if you want me to read something- I’m up for it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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