Not That Happy

We Happy Few is a new game that came out a couple days ago so I picked up a copy from the Redbox to try it out. The images they have released as far as the advertising has really caught my eye and based on the trailer it has a Clockwork Orange type of feel to it so I’m really looking forward to it.

The game is in first person, as is most games these days and is set in the 1960s- following an alternative World War II. You are trying to get out of the fictional city of Wellington Wells, which is a dystopia type place where everyone is jacked up on a hallucinogenic drug called “joy”.

I played it for a few hours Friday night and then again on Saturday before taking it back and I decided that I may buy it when the price goes down to $20 or even cheaper- it’s just not a game I will really get into.

The graphics weren’t as great as I would have hoped (playing on Xbox One) and the fighting is just terrible…at least to me.

The game started out really slow and you just read a ton of articles (far too many) and decided if the public should see them or not- it felt like this went on forever.

The story is pretty cool but every time the main character says he’s looking for his brother “Percy”…it sounds really not kid friendly thanks to his accent.

The game play was pretty easy and I really like the way it tells you what you need to be doing and exactly where to go and the crafting and skill points were really clear cut and easy to understand.

All in all, it was a decent game but after playing something like Far Cry 5, the landscape just doesn’t add up and the graphics aren’t there.

Based on other reviews I read, the story of the first character – Arthur takes about 25 hours and then you have two other characters with stories that last about 10 hours but I only got about 3 hours of game play in but it was enough for me to hang it up. The world just wasn’t interesting enough for me to put hours and hours into it.

Remember, I’m not a hardcore gamer so I only have an hour or two a day to play video games- if that- and this isn’t a game that I felt was worth it.

If they made this into a movie, I would watch it…but at this point I would just let Arthur take his joy pill and blend in with the rest of the unimpressive background.

I would probably buy a poster to hang up because the images they used to promote the game are amazing and the story behind it seems really interesting but not 45 hours of my time interesting.

I’ll go back to killing religious nut jobs in Hope County.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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