What I’ll Be Buying

Too many damn good games are coming out and it’s going to break me! Here is what I’m hoping to pick up during the rest of 2018.


Lego DC Super Villains – October 16th
-I think I’m going to pick this up on Switch because it’s a Lego game and the graphics aren’t as important as just the overall fun of it and I think it may be a game that my 11 year old may get interested in and who DOESN’T prefer to be the villain????

Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu – November 16th
-This is obvious a no brainer! I’m a huge Pokemon fan and Pikachu is a million times better than Eevee…I’m hoping to pick up the combo that comes with the Pokeball…plus the fact that this stuff interacts with Pokemon Go makes it a must have.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate – December 7th
-Honestly, I’ve never played a Smash B...

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Alice Madness Returns

Sometimes I like to go through my old Xbox 360 games and see what they have added backwards compatibility and install those games on my Xbox One…this brought me back to Wonderland.

I remember when I first picked up this game, I played it for several hours and didn’t want to stop and that came right back the moment I started playing it the other night….the graphics are cool and it’s easy enough for an idiot like myself. It’s really easy to pick up and just jump right in and just feels different than most games out right now. I would highly recommend it to an average player who just wants to discover new areas and follow a story without really dying every few minutes.

This is from Wikipedia-

Alice: Madness Returns is a psychological horror action-adventure platform video game developed by C...

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Posting Schedule

I’m going to have a posting schedule…sort of. I want to focus on getting something posted daily but there WILL be random posts from time to time. I’ve set everything up so you only really have to see what you are interested in or you can see it all J (on our social sites).



Daily – TreySixtyFi

Sunday – SharkysWorld-Recipes

Monday – Sharkfin PTCG

Tuesday – SharkysWorld-Weight Loss Update- Official Weigh In

Wednesday – American Reality

Wednesday – Streaming – twitch.tv/sharkyhitchens (6pm-8pm)

Thursday – Sharkfin Gaming

Friday – SharkysWorld-Random

Saturday – SharkysWorld-Shout Out Saturday


On top of this- there will be random postings that could include Pokemon pack openings, game reviews, gaming news, photogra...

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