I’ve always known what Pokemon was- it came out when I was in high school and I always thought Pikachu was cute (he’s still one of my favs) but I never gave it much thought. Flash forward 20 years and my son is into Pokemon and we are buying cards left and right and he is trying to tell me everything there is to know so I don’t have much choice but to listen.

Then I get interested and then…BOOM…I become the legendary trainer I am today.

I started reading up on Pokemon and a story quickly jumped out at me and a special bond was formed between me and a little bipedal Pokemon.

Cubone is the child of Marowak, who dies while defending it from Team Rocket. Cubone then puts on its mother’s skull to continue to protect it during battles. Cubone sees the likeness of its mother in the moon and cries throughout the night. The stains on the skull that it wears are made from its tears.

Now, if that story wasn’t sad enough…listen to this…the FIRST Cubone I ever caught in Pokemon Go was at the Frankfort Cemetery! We were driving around, getting Pokestops and it just popped up on one of the graves.

There is a 20 year old theory in Pokemon that Cubone could also evolve into a Kangaskhan!

Kangaskhan doesn’t evolve into or from any other Pokemon, but the theory says that if a Kangaskhan passes away, the child in its pouch would use the skull of its parent to protect itself out in the wilds. Eventually this Cubone, the abandoned child, would evolve into a Marowak and then into a Kangaskhan, thus bringing things full circle!

I keep a stuffed Cubone next to my computer at all times- to help me make decisions on PTCGO…because I’m weird like that.

This is why Pokemon is so awesome….even though Cubone isn’t very powerful and there isn’t really a strong deck for him, he is barely even playable in the card game- his story is still amazing.

All of the different Pokemon, different games, different shows and different stories is what makes it more of a lifestyle than a game…its stories like that which makes it entertaining for adults as well. The entire world of Pokemon is incredible and it saddens me that I waited until my late 30’s to really get into it.

Now…go out there and be the best, like no one ever was!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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