Don’t Play Your Favorite


There is one major thing that folks don’t understand about Pokemon- you can have a favorite Pokemon but NOT play it in your deck.

Sometimes people luck up and have their favorite Pokemon be Darkrai or Gardevoir and they get to play with them in some of the most powerful decks ever built- they get to feel the happiness of watching their favorite Pokemon run wild in the world, destroying everything in its path…but then you have people like me…I may never get that feeling.

My favorite Pokemon is Cubone…try playing a Cubone deck and see what happens. We do have an Alolan Marowak which could lead to playing a couple Cubone’s here and there but I doubt it. My second favorite is Pikachu and even though Pikachu has an EX and is even in a few decks, it’s not great. (Right now, you basically use Marshadow to copy Pikachu’s attack!)

My third favorite is Sharpedo and it even got a MEGE EVOLUTION…but still…not good.

Those are my three favorites…of course- I am a fan of Darkrai and I do get to use that to run wild a bit but it’s not the same as knocking out a high HP, full powered Gardevoir GX with a Cubone…I mean…a man can dream, right?

The first thing I did when I started actually getting into the TCG was to hop online and use the deck wizard- I was asked to pick two Pokemon…well, duh- Cubone and Pikachu!!! The deck was randomly built and I was on my way…my record is 0-7 with that deck. It is terrible but it taught me a strong lesson- don’t play your favorite Pokemon in a deck, unless it’s a part of the meta.

I do have a couple standards that I try my best to work in…I always use my Sharpedo coin and I try to work in a full art Wicke card into most decks. It’s not a terrible card and reminds me of my wife, so you can’t go wrong there.

So….all that rambling to simply say…I’m pretty sure that hitting a floating fairy with a bone from my dead mother should probably be enough for the win… at least once!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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