My First Pokemon Card

Ok, well…not my first but the one that got me into this mess.

I’ve been a card collector since 1987- I took several years off from time to time but always came back to it…everything EXCEPT gaming cards! I would collect sports cards, movie, music, Garbage Pail Kids…any cards I could get my hands on, but I didn’t get gaming cards and didn’t bother with them.

During my teenage/young adult years, I would buy entire collections at flea markets or yard sales and sometimes Pokemon cards would be in there….I thought Pikachu was cute so I kept a few of those but I would sell the others because I had no interest.

About 5 years ago, I got back into trading cards and quickly realized the bottom had dropped out and most of the cards I had in my collection was worthless, so I started Commons4Kids and started giving my commons to kids around KY.

Around the same time, my son started getting into Pokemon cards- he didn’t play the game but the cards were kid friendly and he thought they were cute and I really wanted him to get into trading cards so I was all for it. He was strictly Pokemon though…he hated every other trading card, so my only option was just to donate most of them. An addition was that, if he got doubles, I could add them to donations and help teach him about charity.

He would talk about Pokemon all of the time and show me cards but I still wasn’t really into it….then he brought me a card and told me that it looked like us, so I put it in some plastic and put it on my shelf. I still wasn’t into Pokemon but it was a cute card and there was a lot of meaning behind him giving it to me, so it become special.

Fast forward several years and he loves Pokemon…..then Pokemon GO comes out and I downloaded it for him, quickly realizing that it was amazing so I started playing and he played on his mom’s phone. Eventually, we got him a phone so we could all play. We also realized that the codes in his Pokemon packs were actually for an online game, which he showed no interest in…so I set it up just to see what it was. I already have the Topps Digital Cards on my phone and just figured it was another way to collect them….and it was, sort of. You use the codes to get packs to actually play the game online!

Soooooo many codes we just tossed because we had no clue…it makes me cry now that I think about it. (RIP all the digital Shaymin’s from Roaring Skies that went into the trash….)

SO…long story short, I started trying to learn to play the game and the more I played the more I got addicted and, now…here I am….PokeMaster sharkAchu.

Well…PokeApprentice maybe? PokeNotGreatAtTheGameButHighlyEnjoyIt maybe???

Who knows…

It’s an amazing lifestyle- it’s not JUST a game…it’s a way of life and it’s WAY better than just stressing on Trump destroying the world.


Now, the card was Ursaring from Legendary Treasures and it’s extremely cute and does look like my son and I. As far as the card being played in a deck, it’s not that great of a card….4 energy (or 2 DCE) with only a chance of doing 0-150 damage isn’t really great. That much energy to flip zero heads and hit for nothing would be heartbreaking! I could see it being used to maybe discard a few Teddiursas and using the Picnic Weather attack to bring them back to your bench with some energy to build up another Ursaring with better attacks.

Either way, the card is really cute and all sparkly and that is always awesome!

I did happen to catch one in the wild on the night that Generation 2 was released in Pokemon GO with decent stats and I’ve powered him up to full power and even put him in a few gyms. Easily in the top 5 of my favorite Pokemon.

If you play, add me – SharkyHitchens!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness!

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