Ok…so that didn’t last long.

I posted about the updated Decidueye/Zoroark deck and then didn’t post any changes or even a deck review on Saturday like I had planned.

Yea, that was probably a bad idea and here’s why- we all play differently and, honestly, the deck was terrible and then amazing.

I lost about 60% of the games I played with it during the beginning of the week and then hit a streak and just killed with it; when the deck works and you get your Decidueye’s up and going, it’s amazing but if you can’t get those little owls evolved- it’s just crap.

So…I will probably just be posting deck lists of what I’m currently playing and giving a little review and YOU can take the deck list, adapt it to your play style and then decide if it works for you or not.

Also be doing some product openings and I’m working on getting things set up to add a YouTube channel with some live decks, games and openings as well.

Remember- this is a hobby. I’m not trying to become famous and I’m not a Pokemon Master- just a fat older guy that loves Pokemon and enjoys writing about it!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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