• Bulbapedia – an amazing, all around database of everything Pokemon!
  • – home of everything Pokemon
  • LimitlessTCG – great articles, deck lists, rankings, etc.
    Deck Lists – this takes you directly to the deck lists offered by LimitlessTCG
  • Pokebeach – great articles and the newest updates

putubeFavorite Pokemon YouTubers – YouTube has been my number one source for learning Pokemon- from deck ideas to how to play specific decks to updates…news and just a group of amazing people that you can spend sometime getting to know. I know there are a ton NOT on this list but this is MY go to list- these are the channels I watch daily.

OmniPoke– Jack and Joe give great deck ideas, advice and tips on how to play, set reviews and are just really awesome and funny guys that keep their streams and videos funny, interesting and full of memes!

TrainerTV – Aaron, Adrizzy and Jonny show video from leagues, pack openings updates and more of a reality TV show – follow Trainer along on his journey.

PTCGRadio – Ross is amazing with keeping you up to date with new cards coming out.

Team Fish Knuckles – Pro Player who goes over decks and how to play them as well as covering tournaments that he plays in.

YellowSwellow – YOoooo!! Guys!! YellowSwellow covers decks most others aren’t and does a lot of live games. Extremely entertaining…most professional…of all time.

PokeSoup – This is where I go when I want to watch some great pack opens to see what others are pulling and just enjoy the thrill of discovering whats in those packs!

Derium’s Pokemon – Great channel for pack openings, new products, competitive decks and Wacky Wednesdays!

Little Dark Fury – I love this guy because he covers random decks that aren’t considered “meta” and plays some crazy stuff, which keeps it interesting.