Symbols and Definitions

**Information only covers from Sun and Moon Generation and forward**


Currently there are 11 types of Pokemon –

  1. Fairy                    7. Water
  2. Fire                      8. Pyshic
  3. Fighting              9. Dark
  4. Dragon              10. Metal
  5. Lightning          11. Normal
  6. Grass


Dragon types use multiple types of energy and Normal are considered “colorless” and can use ANY energy. There are also special energies, such as Double Dragon or Splash. These can only be attached to Pokemon based on the wording on the card.


Common – Black Circle
Uncommon – Black Diamond
Rare or Holo Rare – Black Star
Ultra Rare – White Star (EX, GX, Full Art, Secret Rare, etc.)
Promos – Black Star with PROMO

You can find more information are rarity here —> Bulbapedia-Rarity


Basic Pokemon
Stage 1 Pokemon
Stage 2 Pokemon
Shining Pokemon
Pokemon Break
Pokemon EX (before SM Generation)
Pokemon GX
Pokemon Ultra Beast
Items (Tools)
Special Energy
Foil Version
Holo Foil Version
Full Art Version
Rainbow Rare Version
Secret Rare


(USA) Pokemon releases a new expansion set every couple of months which are added into the Standard Format; which revolves once a year to drop some of the older sets in order to keep the format current. There are other formats such as Expanded, Legacy and Unlimited that all allow a different timeline of sets.

As of the last rotation in September 2017, the Standard Format consists of –

Fates Collide
Steam Seage
Sun and Moon
Guardians Rising
Burning Shadows
Shining Legends
Crimson Invasion
Promo Cards XY67 and Up
Promo Cards SM1 and Up
XY Trainer Kit Pikachu Libre & Suicune
SM Trainer Kit Lycanroc & Alolan Raichu
McDonalds Collection 2016 and Up

Set Symbols –

set1 set2

These rotate once a year.


There is an amazing website that lists all of the definitions you will need here —-> Bulbapedia Glossary