Day 4/365
SW 445 lbs.
CW 411 lbs.

Another 2 lbs. down- a total of 9 lbs. in 3 days.


Not really, not when you’ve tried this as many times as I have.

I usually average about 15 lbs. the first week and I know this so I can’t get too comfy, I know that this huge high comes crashing down with no weight loss or even weight gain- there is nothing you can do about it…it’s happened every single time.

The key to successful weight loss is to continue with the process for a couple of months and then look at the overall average weight loss per week.

Back in 2018, I lost about 20 lbs my first week and then another 13 lbs over the following 3 weeks for a total of 33 lbs lost in one month; that’s an average of over 8 lbs a week.

As time went on, my body adapted, and my average got lower and lower but I still maintained around 3 lbs. per week which is amazing.

A lot of people who need to lose a ton of weight just can’t handle this or they aren’t expecting it. You drop a ton of weight the first few weeks and you start thinking “this is easy” …but then it crashes and you get frustrated and you are doing the same stuff but GAINING weight…how is that even possible???

The key is to weigh yourself but don’t worry too much about the number.

This is the reason diet pills work- every diet pill I’ve ever tried comes with a little pamphlet or something to break down the “program” for you. Most people who use diet pills are trying to make a drastic change and they tell you to eat better and exercise while taking the pill- these folks change how they eat and start doing a little exercise and when they lose 10 lbs. in a week- they think it’s the diet pills.

If you go from setting on the couch and eating all junk food to eating better and getting some exercise- you will lose weight- pill or no pill.

Weight loss success contains 3 components and that is honestly all it takes.

MENTAL- it honestly doesn’t matter what you do- if you can’t decide mentally to do it then you will always fail. I’ve busted my ass and eaten healthier but let my mental stuff slip- which leads to the healthy habits slipping. You must make up your mind to just do it. My problem always comes later when it’s time to KEEP doing it.

FOOD– weight loss comes from your food, not exercise. You can change how you eat and never lift a finger and still lose weight. I actually just spent a month- and 3 days- proving that. (See below).

EXERCISE– yes, you can lose weight without exercise but exercise speeds that up and just makes you feel better- in general.

I started my Supernatural VR workouts on April 13th and didn’t miss a single day for 31 days. I started out slow and worked my way up to 1 hour a day, but I didn’t lose weight. My weight went up and down and settled exactly where I was. I wasn’t eating right, and I kept having cheat days. I kept letting stress push me towards food.

I spent almost an entire day planning out 2 weeks of food and breaking down the MACROs to make sure I knew how many calories, carbs, protein, and fat I was getting daily.

I’ve done that for 3 days now and I’m down 9 lbs.; without working out, I would still be down about 5 lbs.

You can literally offset a 30 min workout with one Snickers bar.

Like everything else with me- this is a daily struggle. I’m kicking ass right now and I feel amazing. I’m dropping weight and I’m sticking to the MACROs but it’s not forever and I realize that.

There will be a cheat day and I must be able to handle that and not let it get out of control.

There will be days the scale goes up- no matter how healthy I eat or how hard I work out.

Most people can’t handle daily weigh ins but that is the only way I can really keep myself on track…so I need know it’s not going to be 2 lbs. down every day- that just isn’t how it works.

While my focus is always on losing the next 2 lbs.- I’m not at 411 lbs. and I can see the 300’s and it’s been a while since I really felt like I could get back there.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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