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The first day of #TreSixtyFi is something I’ve already written about earlier but it’s never a bad thing to get your goals out into the universe and to figure out exactly what you want to focus on.

2018 was a huge year for me and I’m planning for 2019 to be even bigger for me and I’ve already started doing exactly what I want- I got up and played some Overwatch- unlocking the Krampus skin for Junkrat (already one goal down!). I helped my amazing wife straight up the house, did the dishes and headed downstairs to my office to start writing and working on setting everything up to destroy 2019.

One main goal is to write daily, using this #TreSixtyFi idea and writing prompts to just get stuff out of my head. I’m trying to start 2019 off with a 65 hour fast to really take control over food back after several rough days of just enjoying life.

I have my first Loot Box due to get here on Thursday and I’ll be making my first official YouTube video and I plan to do a Twitch stream sometime this weekend and set up a schedule for that.

I’m going to keep doing my weekdays walking and start working out twice a day with cardio in the morning and weights in the afternoon including extra cardio on Saturday as well. I’m going to be doing the 23 hour IF and eating between 5:30-6:30pm and really focus on going weeks/months without any cheat days.

On top of all of the writing, I’m going to be doing more photography stuff- more drawing, sketch cards, coloring and anything else that may grab my attention.

2019 is going to just be a year of enjoying life, having fun and getting rid of stress everywhere I find it. It’s going to be full of sharing positivity and trying to ignore negativity. I’m going to get to a weight that I haven’t been at in decades…probably since middle school. I’m going to ride my first roller coaster and just do things I never thought I could…even if I fail at them or just suck at them- it’s all about making this my world.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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