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Going to Myrtle Beach with my wife back when we first met. We didn’t have Evan yet and we were just young stupid kids in love. We hoped in her 98 Cavalier that had already been totaled- the first passenger side was destroyed and the doors wouldn’t shut all the way, so it had foam sprayed in to fill the gaps. It had one regular headlight and the other was, like, a generic lamp rigged up to the battery

No person, with common sense, would have hoped in that car with very little money and headed 593 miles away from home- roughly 10 hours…but we did it.

We were still “new” to each other so it was an amazing way to really learn each other- it was her first time seeing the ocean and we went all over the place, played in the sand, floated in the ocean and made fun of the guy with the metal detector that walked up and down the beach- literally ALL night.

Our hotel was right on the beach and it was turned so that our balcony doors opened up and BOOM- there was the ocean. We fell asleep (and did other stuff) while listening to the waves crashing. We feed giant fish and even went to a Southern Tropics bikini contest where I got a picture with two half naked girls in Russian fur hats. There was also a very manly contested named “Frankie” and we were pretty sure she was a he- and that is OK.

When the time came to finally leave- we had a minor heart attack because the car wouldn’t start- here we were, almost 600 miles from home and our car wouldn’t start. Jackie called her uncle and he explained that her car wasn’t used to all the sand- basically- and we just kept trying until it finally turned over.

The one other issue that happened is that we made a stop at a place in South Carolina- one of those places where we were the ONLY white folks and it was clear that we did not belong there. I’m not racist, at all, but there are times when you walk into a place and everything stops and folks just look at you because they know the area and you don’t and they realize that you “aren’t from around here”- it was a very hostile little gas station.

The trip had every emotion a person you could have and was the first vacation that my wife and I took together- I feel like it was the moment I really believed we could stay together forever- I loved her the moment I met her and wanted to give her my entire life but new love is often like that- the Myrtle Beach trip was just a perfect trip for a couple.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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