12 Month Challenge

I’ve decided to start a 12 month challenge; I tried to do this in 2018 but failed.

In 2018, I wanted to do one 5K per month but I gave up mostly due to just dealing with people in general. Then 2019-2022 was the wonderful pandemic so there were no 5Ks then either.

Then I started doing Supernatural VR and worked my way up to working out roughly 60 minutes per day so I thought about doing my 5K per month again but I quickly realized that goal was a bit pathetic.

I takes me about an hour to walk a 5K- so I work out an hour a month? I’m working out an hour A DAY!!!!

I found some cool places that do “online challenges”- sort of a way to get medals for your hard work but you do them on your own- remove the pesky people- and you can do them at your own pace.

Well- I decided to pick 12 of these out- one per month- and do a challenge to “earn” them. If I don’t earn them- I’ll be trashing them- I’m not going to have a medal I didn’t earn.

However, a 5K a month just isn’t going to cut it- my goal is to workout an average of 60 minutes per day- for an average of 30 days per month (give or take) so I’m setting my goal up for 1800 minutes per month- average. I may do 45 mins one day and 90 mins another day but I want to average 1800 per 30 days.

Here is the breakdown –

MAY 2022 – 60K Gauntlet Challenge

This medal is just really cool- you get a different infinity stone per 10K you complete- which is only 2 hours of working out- that ain’t gonna cut it.

JUNE 2022 – Shark Week #1 (2021 Shark Week medal)

I don’t even have to explain this one- I love sharks and look at that damn thing!!!

JULY 2022 – Shark Week #2 (2022 Shark Week Medal)

This one didn’t come with anything special- not even a racing bib!!! It’s still a really cool medal though- I’ll pretty much buy anything if it has a shark on it.

AUGUST 2022 – Awake The Kraken

Some of these don’t really have any personal reasons- it’s just a really cool medal that I wanted hanging on my medal rake- what can I saw?

SEPTEMBER 2022 – The Dad Badge

I am a very proud dad and my son will turn 16 years old on September 15th- what a better way to celebrate then trying to get health so I’m around longer?

OCTOBER 2022 – Day Of The Dead

Gorgeous medal…I love Halloween and my wife loves sugar skulls…just seems to fit the time of year perfectly.

NOVEMBER 2022 – Turkey’s Revenge

I’ve always chuckled when folks call hunting a sport- give the deer (or turkey) and loaded gun and then we’ll call it a sport. Don’t get me started on the BS holiday that is Thanskgiving- however- a medal with a turkey chasing a dude that stole a bunch of land- sign me up!

DECEMBER 2022 – Jingle All The Ks

If you know anything about me, you probably know that my favorite time of the year is Christmas- which runs from November 1st – December 26th for me…yes…even as an atheist! Santa, Frosty…all of it!

JANUARY 2023 – Still ; Rise

I think this one is the most personal for me.

“A semicolon tattoo is a tattoo of the semicolon punctuation mark (;) used as a message of affirmation and solidarity against suicide, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.”

While this isn’t a tattoo- it has the same meaning.

As a kid, I wanted to kill myself- I was bullied daily and didn’t want to go on. Through my 20s, I always had suicidal thoughts and I think I became morbidly obese as a way to commit slow suicide- I figured I’d die from a heart attack by the age of 30 and I was fine with that.

Then things got better but 2020-2021 was a rough time for me and I again thought of suicide through food. On top of all of that, I almost died in March of 2018 due to my appendix bursting. I need to remember that I’m still here- still fighting.

FEBRUARY 2023 – I Love You More

I’m doing this one as a tribute to my amazing wife- when I start this one, we will be on 20 years together. She has changed my life in a million ways- I can’t even begin to imagine where I would be without her. I owe my entire life to hear.

MARCH 2023 – Shamrocked It

I took a DNA test a few months ago and it came back that I’m Irish! I had no idea- but explains why I always loved House of Pain and always loves stuff with shamrocks on it! I figured since I’m Irish- I should celebrate even MORE this time around.

APRIL 2023 – Tough As A Mother

This will complete my 12 month challenge and I’m doing it for my mom- who passed away in 2018.

She always wanted me to lose weight and when she died, I was down over 100 lbs- I’m glad she didn’t see me gain it all back.

I spent almost a decade watching her slowly die from a ton of health issues- mostly cause by smoking and being overweight. I watched her go through more pain than I’ve ever seen anyone go through and she just kept going until she couldn’t any longer.

I still can keep going…so I need to do just that.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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