13 of 365

Another deep one today- do you go for feeding all of the hungry kids in the world or stopping violence against kids? Should I answer it about some type of work or hobby- I could become a famous streamer and be the best at video games.

Are were talking about a specific personal task- like climb a specific mountain and lose 200 lbs? (I’m working towards that already).

Honestly I don’t like the way this one is worded because it’s “too general” which could be the entire purpose because it’s a writing prompt so it allows us to let our imagination flow and take the question however we want to take it. It basically means whatever I want it to mean and I can answer it as such…so…yeah, either stop hunger or stop child abuse- both are equal problems and you can’t really go wrong either way.

OR…if it’s something that I know I couldn’t fail at- could it be a “everything I decided to do in the future” type situations- like wishing for more wishes when you get three wishes.

There we go…I would do everything that I decided to do in the future and since I couldn’t fail at doing that- I would fail at none of them.

BOOM…beat the system.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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