163 of 365

Well this could go either way- I could be stupid and say a long range CB radio so I could just call for help…or how about a cell phone, cell tower and unlimited electricity?

If I couldn’t use magic or three wish type stuff I would go with paper and pencil for sure- but is that two items or, like…a combo item?

If you have paper and pencil then you can pretty much do anything from writing to drawing pics to make a little movie to watch. (Flip book style)

Can another person be considered a thing you could take?

Maybe a video camera with extra batteries/tapes so that you could make a “goodbye” video in case anyone ever found you.

Actually, you should probably pick things that would help you survive like a knife to kill food/protection…but if it’s deserted- would there be animals? You could always use the knife to help build a fishing pole or something as well…or slowly cut down trees to try to build a boat.

Man- so many options and so many ways to go…how about some porn, package of Oreos and a print out of the Mueller report.

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