176 of 365

Honestly- probably dead. I’d be 46 in 5 years and being morbidly obese all my life (and still currently) is probably not been so great on my heart- with the add fact that my dad has had heart attacks and my mom technically died from heart failure- although she had a ton of other issues.

NOW…where I would like to be…where I plan to be…where I’m fighting to be is this-

I would like to be around 220 lbs and maintaining that weight loss- have my car and loans paid off and making FAT cash to save for amazing trips with my wife. Our son would be 17 and getting ready to turn 18 and headed to college because he should graduate at 17 based on his age, grades, etc.

We are in an amazing place financially to really be able to have a lot of extra cash in 5 years- which would allow us to travel even more and do things together.

Life has shown me that you can NEVER plan where you will be in that timeframe….5 years ago, I would have never dreamed that we would be home owners, I would have a cool car that wasn’t 15 years old, our son would be an all A student and in the high school marching band or that I would be 100 lbs down and doing 5Ks.

Shit can get crazy but as long as I’m still married to my best friend- I’m good.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness


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