183 of 365


Without a doubt… I mean…no other season even comes close to Fall and now, thanks to global warming and climate change, our Fall basically includes Christmas!!!

I think of Fall as late September to the end of December and that time is the greatest time to be alive!

From the weather to the food to the holidays!

You have all of the amazing colors of the green changing all around you. The temperature gets cooler and it feels amazing outside.

Nights are perfect for roasting hot dogs over an open fire and looking at the stars.

You have Halloween and Christmas- Thanksgiving is a shit holiday and shouldn’t be celebrated- if you celebrate anything, it should be Native Americans.

You have pumpkins spice everything and then peppermint rolls around.

You even have a few days in December when humanity doesn’t completely hate itself…so that’s pretty sweet as well!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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