Not Dead Yet

I’m back…again…

I took some time away from writing and Sharketo and just went nuts and probably gained most of my weight back…as is tradition.

I’ll actually do my starting weigh in when I get home today- it’s exactly 14 weeks until my 40th birthday and I will have this shit under control when that day hits.

I use to laugh at the thought of living past 30 years and now I’m getting ready to hit 40 and probably the worst shape of my life- I’m not even trying anymore and I need to change that.

I do a lot of writing about it and a lot of talking about it and I do it for a short time- over the holiday we were watching old videos of us and there I was…2005 Jerry…145 lbs lighter Jerry. I’ve been trying to get this right for 20 years now and I haven’t given up so that has to account for something- right?

20 years of back and forth…up and down…literally watching the scale go as low as 295 lbs and as high as 440 lbs. and always telling myself that I’ll get it together soon and “too late” is just around the corner.

If I was in perfect health, I could look at living until 65 or maybe 70 but I’m in pathetic health and I need to face the fact that I probably have less than 10 years left….and I doubt it’s even that much.

If I get healthy now and drop some weight, I may be able to get 10-15 if Trump doesn’t get us blown off the planet but it’s not so much the quantity but the quality. I wake up feeling like shit, I feel like shit all day and then go to bed feeling like shit.

That’s why I’ve never stayed down and I’ve never stopped trying. I know the amazing taste of food is only a temporary relief to feeling like shit and I need something more long term. I need to wake up feeling amazing- attack life and then go to bed excited about doing it all over again.

I had a much better chance of doing this back in 2005…2010…even 2015…maybe I was just waiting until I could say I did it at 40 years old! An old man changing his entire life and becoming an inspiration to millions…or maybe I’ve just been lazy and given up too easy- sometimes it’s hard to say.

I’m hitting this challenge head on- eleven twenty-seven – the fat lady hasn’t sung- the heart hasn’t been attacked…yet…but I know it’s coming and I plan to keep trying until I’m gone.

Sharketo starts today…

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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