The Revolution Continues

I don’t believe in resolutions; I believe in revolutions.

Revolution- a fundamental change in the way of thinking about or visualizing something.

Some revolutions can be sudden and quick but some take time; sometimes the change faces a resistance and I seem to be the resistance to my own revolution…but I’m not done fighting.

Viva La Sharka Revolucion!

The revolution started in 2017 and I used that year to learn more about Sharketo, Pokemon and to make changes in my life to make me a happier person and the revolution will continue into 2018.

I have a few goals that I want to focus on for 2018 and they are NOT resolutions but ways to advance The Sharky Revolution to victory over the resistance!

1.      Post A Picture Every Day of 2018 – with how amazing our phones are these days, it’s never been easier to snap a pic and post it up on Instagram (also posted to it literally takes less than 5 minutes to do both and there are things around me- daily- that I can take random pictures of. It’s not so much about the picture but more about just doing something I enjoy.

2.      Write 3 Posts Per Week (or more) – this goes with #1- I enjoy writing and I have a ton of stuff to write about so I need to focus on at least 3 updates per week which will be posted to in ANY section- could be a review, random thoughts, recipe or even a Pokemon deck idea!

3.      Play 1 Game Of Pokemon Daily – you have to train every day to be the best, period. It’s about doing things you enjoy and now that I can play on my phone, I have no excuses not to get one game in a day. I want to learn everything there is to know about the Pokemon TCG world.

4.      Become A Sharketo Master – I’ve been working on this during 2017 and I’ve failed time and time again- but you never become a master of something without getting defeated a few times. I have no doubt that Keto is the way to losing weight and getting healthy and I’ve proven that to myself. I need to focus and finally give it 100%- the goal isn’t weight loss; the goal is actually doing it- daily.

5.      Embrace 40 – This is a big year for me because I feel like 2/3rds of my life is done and I need to embrace the last 20 years- hopefully more but probably less. I need to realize that becoming a Sharketo Master will actually get harder to accomplish- my beautiful locks are already bidding me adieu and I can feel old age creeping in with every step I take. I’ve done an amazing job of “staying young” because I continue to do what things I love like playing video games, collecting toys/trading cards and watching cartoons…I’ll never truly “grow old.”

2018 needs to be about the word DAILY- there are things that I need to focus on daily in order to not get side tracked, which has been my biggest resistance issue- one day turns into months, which leads to me being unhappy.

Maybe I need to come back and read this every day of 2018 to keep my focus. I won’t be setting huge, long term goals because I’m not looking towards the end of 2018…I’m working on tomorrow by focusing on today.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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