2017 Review

At the end of every year, I hear a lot of people complaining about how bad that year was and it’s time to get in a new year, as if they believe it will be better than that last couple thousand?

A year is simply what you make it…here’s what I made 2017.

January- I decided to start the year off right and took a month away from Facebook to clear my head after the election of a literal piece of shit as our president. I also won an “Outstanding Employee of 2016” award – only single award for my entire division of a couple hundred people.

February – Bought my amazing wife an early birthday present (Nov. 21)- tickets to see Lady Gaga for a 2nd time! I decided to really get into Pokemon, start playing online and learning every aspect of the game.

March – I celebrated my 39th birthday. I bought my newest car ever – a 2013 Dodge Avenger…it was only 4 years old! I was driving a 1999 Cavalier that was literally falling apart when I pulled into the car lot. I named her “Charstang”- a Pokemon like name based on the front of the car looking alike a Charger while the back looks like a Mustang. We also decided to “cut the cord” and dropped our cable- best feeling in the world, telling Spectrum to go fuck themselves. Now, with Net Neutrality a thing…um…Sorry about that buddies.

April – Celebrated mom’s 62nd birthday in a hospital room. Started keto and dropped a ton of weight (only to gain it back, up and down all of 2017.) Evan won a ton of awards…again. Fulfilled a “dream” by donating cards to Camp Quest- a camp for atheist kids. I had wanted to do that since starting Commons4Kids. C4K set up at the Lexington Legends game and handed out thousands of cards and watched a great game. Got my Deadpool “Soul Hunter” autographed by Brian Posehn!

May – C4K donated our 7 millionth card! Got below 400 lbs. for a long time and was killing keto and dropping a ton of weight. Evan graduated from 5th grade and was done with elementary school and, again, won a ton of awards. My wife and I celebrated our 11thwedding anniversary. Was down 48 lbs. in just 5 months. Made an offer on a house.

June – House inspection passed. House appraisal passed. Hit the 50 lbs. lost mark for 2017. House loan completed underwriting stage.

July – Found out we got the house and started packing up. July 5th– we signed the papers and became first time home owners! Spent July getting house ready by painting, fixing stuff and cleaning. Moved most of our stuff in at the end of July.

August – got our house completely moved and set up. Evan started middle school. Anderson County bus system screwed up again and we decided to keep Evan from ever riding an AC bus again and I started picking him up daily. Finished our kitchen- paint, new floor, etc. Evan joined band and became a drummer- like the white Nick Cannon. Watched the eclipse with my wife, while eating ice cream- needless to say, the weight loss had reversed.

September – Evan got all A’s. Celebrated Evan’s 11th birthday. Spent October donating cards and focusing on our first Halloween in our new house. We like to decorate early, why go through that much trouble and not have time to enjoy it?

October – Celebrated the 14th year of being with my amazing wife. Annoyed all of my Facebook friends with 20 days in a row of nothing but Jackie posts. Celebrated the 6thanniversary of creating Commons4Kids. Celebrated Halloween with an awesome pumpkin carving night and Evan’s last trick or treating (probably). Tried getting back on keto to stop the weight gained, but failed. The wife found a kitten outside, freezing and begging for help. Took her in, adopted her, got her fixed and now she terrorizes Mumford. Named her Litten. Evan got his GT letter. (Gifted and Talented program at ACS) Got Christmas decorations out.

November – decorated for Christmas to get the most out of it- our new house looked amazing and is beyond perfect for us. Put the Rudolph ears/nose on the Soul and got evil looks from most people. Got a free turkey from Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey. Took my wife to celebrate her birthday by seeing Lady Gaga. Got an amazing note from a little girl that we donated Pokemon cards too. Turned my back on the gaming community and bought Battlefront II…which I love! Surprised my wife with a cheap Wal-Mart birthday cake at work. Fixed our outside lamp post and truly felt like adult/home owners for the first time.

December – watched my wife in the local Christmas parade. Changed SharkysWorld.com and started refocusing everything for 2018. Trying to refocus on the successful weight loss I had in early 2017- probably going to end the year right around where I started, as far as weight. Saw our buddy Kyle in a really great play. Evan’s first band recital. Relaunched SharkysWorld.com with added Sharkfin PTG and other changes. Trying to focus 2018 are doing what I enjoy and set up my website to allow me to focus on that. Put a huge dent in our backlog of trading cards and getting ready to hit 8 million cards donated in 2018 (already over half way there). Going to spend the rest of 2017 watching Christmas movies, playing Pokmeon-COD WWII- Battlefront II and eating what I want.

I’ve got goals and plans set up to make 2018 amazing.

2017 was a great year and I’m looking forward to making 2018 what I want it to be.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

Author: Administrator