Cliff Notes – 2018 Chapter Eleven

2018 – Mass Evolution
Chapter Eleven – Deterioration (Nov)

Deterioration – the process of becoming progressively worse.

I fill like November has been the worst month of 2018 and that is completely my fault. I did slid by with a 2.4 lbs loss but that came on the very last day of not drinking water, not eating and working my ass off just to get the scale to give me that number 2 out of 3 times and I used a number in the middle of the day, right after a workout and then ate a bunch of shit before November was even actually over.

So- were they any high points of November? YES!

While I feel like this month of full of just cheat weekend after cheat weekend, there were some amazing things that we accomplished-

1. November 15th– the wife and I completed our 3rd 5K- The Southern Lights Stroll and we did it in sub-freezing temps with a ton of wind, ice and snow…at night…but we finished it. I got home and my sock had blood on it and I almost lost a toenail…but we FINISHED it! It was pretty amazing because my wife and I completed it together- it was extremely wintery and Christmasy…but really, REALLY cold.

2. SharketoGiving- we successfully had a massive Thanksgiving meal with al Sharketo approved food and an entire plate was only 22g net carbs! It was a huge success.

Of course, directly after it I cheated throughout the Black Friday weekend. I feel like July, August, September and October were bad and steadily got worse but November was just flat out the worse month- as far as my weight loss journey. There is no excuse for it- I had a much more stressful March and July…there wasn’t a single reason for me to screw up so bad in November. This is going to be the shortest Cliff Notes of 2018 because I’m just done with November and ready to work on that final chapter of Mass Evolution!

I started December out by creating Project <3 to get my under 300 lbs by 01.01.2018. I’ve got the plan laid out and I’m highly motivated to recover from November and end 2018 – Mass Evolution strong.

I can’t wait to start writing 2019 – Missing Link but I’ve still got a goal to meet and 30 days to get there!

SW – 440.2
CW – 306.0

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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