December 2018 Loot Crate

My first ever loot box recap.

Yes, I know it’s Loot Crate but let’s be honest- these are just real world loot boxes.

So- how was my first time- you ask? Disappointing and I was left unfulfilled.

I saw an ad back on Black Friday that you could get Loot Crate for 50% off so I figured why not try it out- $10 bucks a box and you are guaranteed a t-shirt plus some other goodies so that is a pretty damn good deal. I signed up for 6 months and figured I would at least get 6 shirts and 6 YouTube videos out of it.

My first box came yesterday and I could NOT wait to do the unboxing video so I opened it before making the video but it worked out pretty decent. You can see the “unboxing” video over on my YouTube channel- First Loot Box Video

My first problem is the box itself- it’s a black Loot Crate box so everyone knows exactly what it is and if I’m not home, the mail lady will leave it on the porch and it’s almost like a special request to be stolen- I thought it would come in a shipping box or something but nope. The other issue- after running a charity that gets about 3-5 boxes a week for the last 7 years, I understand that those boxes get DEMOLISHED! Our mail person even leaves our boxes out in the middle of downpours!

Loot Crate always tries to do something cool with their boxes and I highly appreciate that but what happens when my box gets destroyed or soaking wet? Put the fancy Loot Crate box in a shipping box so that shipping box takes the damage and not my sweet Loot Crate box- I’ve seen videos and there have been some really cool boxes in the past.

With that out of the way, I was a bit sad to see that I wasn’t a huge fan of any of the franchises represented in the December 2018 box.

Escape From New York – saw the movie, it’s pretty good but not a collector.
Transformers/Bumble Bee – watched them as a kid- not a current fan.
Fallout – played a little bit of Fallout 3, 4 and New Vegas- never more than a few hours. Seems like cools games though.
D&D – never played it- know nothing about it.
Lost In Space – I know what it is- never watched the original or reboot.

I’ll post pictures of the stuff below but, overall, I wasn’t happy with the box and would have been really disappointed if it had costed $20. I do believe you get your money’s worth in value but when there isn’t anything in there you collect- is that really value?

Thankfully I have stuff set up through Commons4Kids or my social media so I can donate the unwanted kid friendly items or do giveaways for the other stuff.

On top of everything else- one of the items- a cos-play patch from Escape from New York didn’t get included and they said they would throw them into Januarys box…but what if you already cancelled and don’t get another one?

The box included –

Escape from New York mini poster – it is pretty cool looking so I’ll be keeping that.

FallOut figure – just your basic plastic collectable but it’s pretty cool for what it is.

D&D shirt – I have never played the game and know nothing about it- giving it to a friend because I would never wear it and my son didn’t want it either.

Lost In Space pin- this will be used as a giveaway.

Bumblebee pin set – another giveaway item.

Cool Bumblebee box – the box is pretty awesome so I’m keeping it too.

So- I gave $10 for a cool Fallout figure, a Bumblebee cardboard box and mini Escape from New York poster.

Not great for $20 but not terrible for $10.

I did some research and discovered that EVERYONE thinks this was one of the worst Loot Crates of all time, so leave it to me to get in right when everything gets terrible.

I’m really hoping January is better- at this rate, I wouldn’t renew my subscription- even at $10 a box!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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