5 of 365

Honestly, this one is pretty weird- I know what I would say to “past” me but what in the hell do you say to someone wiser than you- someone who has lived longer than you and been through more experience than “current” me has?

I guess the one thing I would say is to remember where you started- 440.2 lbs. Always remember the Lady Gaga concert and almost having an anxiety attack because you couldn’t breath from walking up and down all of the steps. Remember not being able to set in a seat without overflowing onto the next person. Remember getting out of breath just walking up the steps from your office to the kitchen and needing to stop just to breath.
When I have rough days, I go back and look at my stuff from 2018 and just how far I’ve come already, so no matter how bad a day is- it won’t undo all of the work I put in and all of the progress I’ve made. Maybe I gained a pound…but I would still be down way over 100 lbs so it’s never as bad as it seems…unless I allow it to continue.
Dear future me should also remember just how easy it is to gain it all back and fall right back into those old habits that were killing me. I lost over 100 lbs in 2005 only to gain it all back plus some and I’m really pushing myself to not allow that to happen again. Even though I’ve come so far, learned so much and really made all of this stuff daily habits- give me a month of going back to the old me and it could all be gone. It comes back way quicker than it leaves and if I allow myself to continue to slip up, I could go right back to where I was.
Even when I reach my goal weight- this is still a life long journey and you can never let up or slack very much because the journey doesn’t end until you die…there is no amount of success that makes it “safe” to slip too much.
Love, Peace and Sharky

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