7 of 365

I don’t want to go with the obvious answer here- my wife, son, etc. That seems too easy and really goes without saying- plus- those aren’t “things”.

Number One- PHONE. I hate to be that way but in this day and age- it’s everything! It’s how I communicate with my wife (and the world), it’s how I check on my son if he’s home alone…it’s where I keep most of my porn as well. I use it to write, research, film videos, take pictures, update social media and websites, do C4K stuff…I use it for everything! I use it more than my laptop because it’s just easier and quicker. The thing I use it for least is to make phone calls…it’s 2019…who the hell makes phone calls?

Number Two- XBOX. While I’m not your typical gamer, I do love video games and use them as a great way to relax and fight off stress and since I’m invested in about 200 or more Xbox games, it would suck to not have that anymore. The stress would build and I would probably lose my mind. It’s also what I mostly stream on and since I’ve got 2 followers on Twitch now- I’m a pretty big deal. (I probably should just have said video games in general since I also would be lost without my Switch and other gaming consoles.)

Number Three- Keto. I do understand that this could be stretching the meaning of “thing” but I literally wouldn’t be alive right now without it so it fits the writing prompt the best. I started learning, researching and practicing in 2017 and had success but gave up…then I got serious on January 1st, 2018 and dropped a ton of weight and, in March, my appendix burst and I had to have emergency surgery and losing 70 lbs at the time literally saved my life. After that I’ve dropped a total of 135 lbs and I’m down from my highest of 404.2 lbs and I feel amazing. I can breathe now and no longer need my CPAP just to sleep. I can do so much that I couldn’t before and sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be here right now- like this is actually my 2nd life and I’m not wasting it.

Pretty short and sweet today.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness


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