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This is a pretty deep question- Sundays have always been interesting for us.

As atheists, we never had set plans for Sundays because we don’t go to church and you can’t really go out to eat or shopping between 1pm and 5pm because it seems that everyone has to hit up restaurants directly after church.

Since we’ve always worked Monday-Friday (the wife sometimes works on Saturday) Sunday was the only real day that we always had off together and since I lived about an 30 minutes away from my mom, we spent years going up to visit her on most Sundays.

My mom was a hard woman to get along with and really stubborn so I wouldn’t call it a “favorite” ritual- we usually argued and I usually got really annoyed which caused issues with my wife. Sundays were always full of stress. Several years ago, mom was placed in the hospital permanently and that made things worse. The hospital was about an hour away and it was torture to watch her lying in a hospital bed…she couldn’t even turn herself over and there was literally nothing we could do- we spent about 2 years going to see her almost every single Sunday and if we had to miss one, she got really angry. Most times we sat there for about 2-3 hours and just watched her sleep.

Mom passed away in July and since then we’ve used Sunday to just hang out around the house and actually get a day off from everything…however, starting last Sunday we did create a new Sunday ritual that we call “In The Kitchen with Sharky and Jackie” (you can check it out in the RECIPE section). Every Sunday of 2019 we plan to pick a Sharketo friendly recipe and make it and then post the recipe and a little review here on the site. This will give us something cool to do together- give us recipes to share with you guys and open us up to new and yummy Sharketo foods!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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