42 of 365

I am a perfect mixture of both and I think most people are a little of both as well. I grew up in a “city”- even if it was a small one. Then we moved out to the country when I was in high school so I got a feel for both areas.

Then, when I became an adult, I moved to Jacksonville, Florida- which, was like…an actual city!

I love driving backroads with the windows down and the music up. I love beautiful scenery of hills, grass, trees and clouds- passing cows and goats on the side of the road.

I also love skyscrapers and walking downtown Louisville or Cincinnati. I still lose my shit every time we go over the little hill, on the way to Cincinnati, and you get your first look at EVERYTHING.

I loved seeing St. Louis and Pittsburg and just walking around downtown- all the people, huge buildings and amazing sites.

Kentucky is a pretty shitty state but we do have a good mix- you can be surrounded by the country and an hour later be in the middle of a massive city like Louisville.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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