February 2019 Loot Crate

You can check out the YouTube Opening video HERE!!!

So…third times the charm- right?


To catch everyone up- I ordered a 6 month subscription to Loot Crate back on Black Friday at 50% off- so I’m paying around $10 per crate. This is the half way point- 3 out of 6.

I’ve always heard amazing things about these Loot Crates and it sounded liked something perfect for me so I wanted to give them 6 chances to pull me in as a permanent customer. My “sharks den” is covered in Pop figures, MARVEL/DC stuff, wrestling, video game stuff, Deadpool, cartoon stuff- Rick and Morty, Pokemon…all the cool, hip stuff that us cool folks are into so why not- right???

They are currently 0 for 3.

Now that I look back at the 3, I have to think this has been the worst one of them.

FIRST- I got it on March 13th- that is roughly 1-2 weeks late; and honestly, after the first 2- I wasn’t even all that excited about this one.

More Transformer stuff- AGAIN…and only ONE “franchise” that I’m even halfway interested in.

Let’s start with what is usually my favorite part- the box itself. This month the box turns into a giant Incredible Hulk fist- eh, it looks pretty cool- not my favorite. I do love the boxes because they are great to store stuff in and- this month- was my favorite part of the whole damn thing- I basically got a $10 box. In reality though, a cardboard box like this, at somewhere like Gamestop, probably would have been $9.99 so …again…eh.

First up- the monthly #LootPin – this month Alita: Battle Angel is featured. I’ll admit that I’m interested in seeing the movie but I haven’t heard great things. I’m not a huge fan of the pin though so I’ll be giving it away at some point on my social media (@sharkyhitchens).

Next up- a giant card from the Transformers Trading Card Game of Omega Supreme. It’s a cool looking card but basically worthless. I’m a huge Pokemon guy and we get these jumbo cards in “sets” that are usually $20 for some packs, the jumbo card, etc. I don’t think this is even a Loot Crate exclusive- just literally pulled from a box. The jumbo cards are cool and pretty but hold no value at all. I don’t play it, not a huge fan of Transformers- so it’s goes to Commons4Kids.org. I’m sure there is some kid out there that will LOVE it.

Then there was a solid black box- nothing on it at all-just black, so I had no clue. Well, this Naruto glass was in it! Nice thick glass of a show I’ve never seen and have no interest in. I’m giving it to a co-workers husband.

This month’s shirt is really pretty- I like the blue color- however, never watched Adventure Time and couldn’t give 2 shits about it. The biggest complaint is that I ordered a 2X version of the boxes because I wear 2X t-shirts…I can’t even get these one on. I compared them to my wife’s 1X shirts and they are basically the same. SO- even if I loved the shirt- I couldn’t wear it. Maybe I just buy cheap shirts and since these are higher quality, it’s a tighter fit- I have no clue. It’s going to a friend who loves the show and that it was a cute shirt and is excited to get it.

And FINALLY- we have this cool looking box from MARVEL!!! Finally a franchise I do love. It’s a 3d Comic Standee of the Incredible Hulk! 17+, not a toy but an “adult collectible”. OMG- I actually got excited! PLUS- it’s a Loot Crate exclusive!!! In the video, you can sort of hear my excitement- something has finally saved this month’s crate! That excitement didn’t last long though.

I wouldn’t call this an “adult collectible” but I WOULD call it a toy. It doesn’t look great, looks cheaply made- like something you would find at the Dollar General Store for $5.

Very disappointed. My 12 year old son did like it for his MARVEL collection, so it wasn’t a waste.

So…I’m left with that a $10 box that I sort of like.

BUT HEY…at least it’s not a $20 box that I sort of like…and that’s positivity!

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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