This weekend was just a shit show of all kinds of shit. (Yes, I’m a master at written word.)

The weekend started out pretty great- I planned to do something new that I called “Picture This” where I took pictures (and posted) every single thing I ate- that lasted about a day- if that long.

We decided to get up on Saturday and weigh and try to get back on the right track and we forced our 12 year old to weigh because he is a chunky kid- now that we know what we are doing, we are going to try to help him get down a bit without giving him a complex but it seems that it’s too late. We told him and his first comment was – “I should get one last cheat day like daddy always does.”

That was pretty sad because he learned that directly from me and it’s true but, since I taught him, we agreed that we would have one last cheat day and then all three of us see just how much we can lose. We got healthy groceries on Friday night and went over some better options with him- we aren’t having him do keto because he eats lunch at school but just helping him pick better (and less of) snacks and meals.

So…we hit up Louisville, KY and donated 45,000 trading cards to Home of the Innocent (for and then we did some shopping, got tons of walking in playing Pokemon Go and then had a couple “cheat hours.”

Those “cheat hours” led to some of the worst pain I’ve had in my life and a miserable Sunday.

If you know me or have followed me for long- you know that I have a situation where I get this extremely nasty taste/sulfur burps and then that leads to extreme stomach pain and violently vomiting for 10-20 hours. I’ve done this for about 20 years and I’ve spent that time trying to figure it out- I’ve been to the DR but nothing helps. At first I thought it was just pizza in general because it always happened when I ate pizza so I stopped eating any type of pizza for years- then it did it when I ate spinach, so I went back to eating pizza but it happened again. We did a lot of research and thought I could have a fennel allergy so I stayed away from that and everything worked pretty well until this month and it’s happened TWICE- I went years without any issues and now I’ve done this twice and it’s killing me. I think I actually passed out from the pain yesterday and woke up in the bathroom floor.

After spending all day trying to figure out how I got fennel- I finally started puking and it was the spinach I had from FRIDAY afternoon! The problem with spinach before was that when you cook it- it takes on some of the characteristics of fennel- so it seems that may be another issue.

I spent most of yesterday doing research and I believe I have Gastroparesis. I found a guy’s blog and his experience was EXACTLY what I experience every time- like clockwork (I could have literally copied his post and posted it as how my Sunday went) and once I saw that my body hadn’t digested the spinach- it hit me.

I started looking it up and I have EVERY symptom and those that have it experience exactly what I go through every time.

So- why didn’t I do it for so long?


Basically, Gatsropareis is an issue where your stomach doesn’t empty certain foods due to an injured vagus nerve which helps manage the complex processes in your digestive tract. That food then breaks down in your stomach and doesn’t get pushed to your small intestine and THEN, if you overeat, it causes all of the issues.

If you are fasting, then your stomach is empty when you eat these specifics foods so your stomach can digest and push the stuff through faster but if you overeat before or after eating those trigger foods- then your stomach can’t handle it- the pain is caused by the muscles in the stomach not working and you violently vomit because all that food is stuck in there and not going anywhere.

Spinach is one of my trigger foods- I’ve been eating a lot of spinach lately and then I overate on Saturday and BOOM- a miserable Sunday.

Lesson learned. I promise you, I do NOT want to go through that pain again- it is fucking torment.

Positive from this situation- it’s almost like having weight loss surgery without the surgery- if I overeat and put too much food into my stomach, it could result in about 20 hours of extreme pain and vomiting and that isn’t worth it. I should be able to manage the situation by fasting and then eating two smaller meals over a 4 hour window and staying away from my trigger foods- I’m staying away from spinach and fennel- my body can’t handle them. The problem is- I could have other trigger foods that won’t really “trigger” unless I over eat and binge…and I don’t want to find out.

Going forward, I’m going to track what I eat so that if this happens again, due to another trigger food, I can eliminate that as well.

I’ve tried getting back on track so many damn times over the last several months and failed each time, however, this will do the trick thanks to the fear of what could happen if I don’t.

After all of the cheating and overeating….and violent vomiting and the smoke cleared, I was up .4 lbs which is amazing- I guess carbs don’t count if you just vomit them back up. (Not an anorexia joke.)

This is another situation that shows me Sharketo needs to be my permanent, daily way of life. I don’t ever want to go through this again and now I have a HUGE incentive to not screw up, not over eat and not cheat.

I guess the only way I’ll learn and stick with it is through pain and negative reinforcement and I got that this weekend.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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