93 of 365

I don’t remember any one “most embarrassing moment” as a child- my entire childhood was one big embarrassment really- being the fat, poor kid just worked perfectly for the feeling of embarrassment.

From standing in line to get gov’ment cheese to going into multiple stores to buy a pack of $.25 gum with a $1 food stamp in order to get the $.75 change back in actual money and doing that all over town so that we had enough money to eat pizza or for mom to buy cigarettes. It’s always the highlight of a child’s life to stand in line at Winn Dixie to do that. Then they started that bullshit that you couldn’t tear the food stamp out of the book until you actually paid for it- so that was always fun too.

How about being picked last or any sports we played in gym, changing for gym or not being able to do a fucking push-up….actually GYM in general was a pretty decent source of embarrassment.

“Oh, you think embarrassment is your ally. But you merely adapted to embarrassment, I was born in it, molded by it.”

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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