106 of 365

There isn’t really anything I don’t do because I’m afraid of it- there are things I don’t do because I physically couldn’t- but I’m changing that.

For example- I’m deathly afraid of heights yet I’ve planned July 20th to ride my first roller coaster- I’ve never ridden one because I was 440 lbs- not because I’m deathly afraid of heights.

The same goes for riding in an airplane- it’s not that I’m scared it would crash but it’s because I was too fat for a seat and it costs lots of money- I’ll do that as well- even though I’m deathly afraid of it.

I’m afraid of snakes but I would NOT hold one…even if I wasn’t afraid of them. I have zero interest in it.

I guess the one thing I would do is quit my job but I’m afraid of all that homelessness and hunger and stuff like that- so I guess being afraid of that is a good thing. If I wasn’t afraid, I would quit and try to turn Commons4Kids into a full time charity that raised money (enough to pay me) and to be able to focus on C4K and social media and all that stuff that I consider to just be a hobby right now.

I would love to not be afraid of needles- then I could get IVs like the cool kids and maybe shoot up black tar heroin. Do you even shoot up black tar heroin or just rub it on your teeth? Maybe I could shoot up that marijuana that all the hippies are talking about- I hear cool things about that too.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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