95 Days

5 days down.
95 days to go.
9 lbs gone.

My body is telling me that I’m back into ketosis- I’m full of energy this morning and pretty motivated. I had an amazing workout yesterday with boxing, RUNNING! And my Monday weight routine. Today I’m going to do some boxing and running and then tonight we are going to restart DDP Yoga and do it Tue/Thur/Sat due to Jackie’s schedule.

Weight loss is 85% food and only about 15% exercise and I need to stop using exercise as a way to lose weight- you lose weight in the kitchen. I need to focus on using exercise as a stress reliever and to keep my body moving and toning.

I’m not a fan of riding the bike all that much but I kept pushing myself to do it- which was making me not look forward to exercising. There is NO need for that- there are plenty of exercising that I like to do.

I like the boxing. I like jogging…YES…my fat ass has starting jogging from wall to wall in our basement. I also like weight lifting and I like doing the DDP Yoga- even though I can’t do many of the moves- yet!

I’m trying to change the way I look at exercise- I don’t want to keep trying to force myself to do stuff I don’t like in order to lose weight- which it doesn’t even do to begin with.

Exercise is amazing for your body but, trust me, you can NOT out exercise a bad diet- I spent the month of March trying and failed miserably.

Weight loss is caused by intermediate fasting and keeping your calories and MACROS within your goals.

Toning, stress relieve, flexibility and moving better is caused by exercise.

I use to greatly cut my calories and fat and do exercises I didn’t like for, LITERALLY, hours with almost no success and it felt like torture and I’m learning it was just a lot of wasted time and effort.

1 hour of walking 5 days a week.
1 hour of boxing, jogging, weights, yoga 5 days a week.
1 hour of yoga, walking, shopping on Saturday.
Rest on Sunday.

That’s it.

The plan is working. I’m back to losing and I feel great.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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