March 2019 Loot Crate

It’s finally LOOT CRATE box time!!!

YouTube video HERE!

I know…only 2 weeks late this month.

Let me catch everyone up on my epic 6 month Loot Crate saga- we are currently on the 4th month and so far the crates have been terrible and half of them have been late- this one being about 2 weeks late- I received the MARCH Loot Crate on April 16th with no real explanation why- just an email saying it’s going to be super late- our bad.

I got a subscription back around Black Friday when they had 50% off and I got it for 6 months to give it a try- it averages out to about $10 per box and I figured a decent, cool, nerd t-shirt would be worth about that but so far- I was wrong.

March 2019 is called “Cosmic” and it did live up to its name AND it turned out to be the best crate that I’ve gotten so far and the first one I would consider worth the money- not just the $10 but this one is worth the full price of $20!

The past boxes have mostly been filled with crappy stuff or just stuff from franchises that I’m not into- when it’s stuff I’m not into, I watch others open theirs and try to find “fans” of the included franchises before I determine what I think- it’s not Loot Crates fault that I may not be into Adventure Time- when millions of other people are- these crates aren’t just FOR ME and I understand that.

With that said- let’s crack it open!

First up was this month’s pin and it’s just a moon with a space rocket- not really related to a specific franchise but “cosmic” in general and I love it! This is the 2nd pin that I’ve actually kept. Being an atheist, I’m into space and all that cool stuff so it fits me pretty well.

The next thing is a washcloth from the Aliens franchise- I think I’ve seen one of those movies, in passing through channels- never been a big fan but it’s a high quality wash cloth- super thick with a wrap for your wrist. The wrap is perfect for any inmates getting Loot Crate in prison- you do NOT want to drop your washcloth in the shower!

Then we have a little “mission log” from Lost in Space Jupiter 2 and it’s just a basic little notebook that you can keep beside your computer for quick notes or something. I don’t watch Lost in Space and know nothing about it but it’s a nice little notebook and I like the look and the “mission log” feel to it- it will get used so I can’t complain there. It’s has a cool way of being “from the Lost in Space franchise” but it doesn’t have it plastered all over it- so you wouldn’t really know it.

Then we have a little boxed sized poster from Captain Marvel- the way the box was put together, the top of the poster got a little bent but it wasn’t too bad. My son loved it and it’s on his wall as we speak. The image they used is pretty awesome and if my son hadn’t wanted it, I would have hang it up in my office.

The “big” item in the box was another Marvel 3D figure, this time it was Captain Marvel. This one was way better quality than last month’s Incredible Hulk- this was a very nice little figure and using the comic book back drop really helps with the 3D feel- like she is jumping off the cover- again, this went to my son.

Finally- the shirt and this was the HIGHLIGHT of all 4 crates for me but it has NOTHING to do with the theme of “cosmic”. Basically, they just took random shirts- maybe left overs or something- and put them in as this month’s shirt and after checking out some other openings- I am ECSTATIC with the shirt I got. I’ve seen some of the shirts others have gotten and I could have been super pissed- one guy got a weird sleeveless shirt. Sadly, their shirts are higher quality so they don’t really stretch and they are made a bit smaller than a same sized shirt from somewhere like Wal-Mart so I can’t fit into it yet but it’s a great goal shirt.

It’s a printer, bat and red stapler skull and cross bones from the movie Office Space! I LOVE Office Space and this shirt is AMAZING!

This has been the best crate so far, which brings the chances of me renewing up to about 25%- still not great but this is a huge step in the right direction! If the next two boxes are decent AND I can’t get it for $10 a box again- I’ll probably renew but if they go back to being terrible or I can’t find a good sale- I’ll probably let it cancel and pick it up again on Black Friday- however, I do like having the content for posts and YouTube videos.

Can’t wait until crate #5…and since this one was so late, it’s already almost time for that one to ship- I need to go check for that email telling me it won’t ship until sometime next year.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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