109 of 365

We were never much of an Easter family growing up- never really did the egg stuff- but I always got an Easter basket full of cheap, Dollar General candy.

On top of that- I love when everything turns green and the flowers pop out- but that just means the wasps and bees are back out.

Those are both good and bad “memories”. I believe the best memory (and I’m using that loosely because I don’t really have memories of spring) are the thunderstorms. I’m a huge fan of watching thunderstorms and those usually happen in springs…so I would say just setting at a window and watching the lightning and rain.

Oh and explaining to folks what Easter isn’t really a Christian holiday and the true meaning of the bunny and eggs- that’s a great memory that I have to relive every single year because society still hasn’t gotten it.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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