110 of 365


LOL- no, seriously. Lunch.

I didn’t like school and I didn’t like any subject- once I got to high school, I liked “social studies” or “government” or whatever the hell they called it back then.

When I was in elementary/middle school – lunch was the time that we didn’t actually eat lunch but got the trading cards out and traded. I rarely ate lunch- which led to binge eating when I got home from being hungry.

During lunch we would trade cards and that is when I actually start giving cards away- as a way to make friends. If another kid didn’t have any cards I wanted but wanted a card I had- that wasn’t a part of my “collection”- I would give it to them…which helped led to creating Commons4Kids.

The other great thing was getting back at my bully- I had a kid that was just mean to the other kids and I was an easy target because I was the fat kid. I had my mom autograph several cards, as the player, and then took them to school and this asshat thought he was amazing and traded me some pretty awesome cards or these “autographed” cards and then made fun of me for being stupid because “autograph cards are worth more!”

Fucking idiot.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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