111 of 365

This is a weird one- like my wildest “DREAM” as in when I go sleepy time or my “WILDEST” dream as in something I wish I could do but it’s only a dream.

I have a lot of weird dreams but most of them I can’t remember so I’ll go with the wildest dream as in something “that would never happen- not even in my wildest dreams!”

I want to win the lottery and buy some land in New Zealand and move there and just write, play video games and not have to worry about the world around me or money ever again. I love everything about New Zealand- from how gorgeous it is to the accents of the people born there.

I could run a photography site and just go out and take pictures of the beauty of the country and just do everything that I’m interested and love doing- without the nagging “job to earn money to just survive paycheck to paycheck” bullshit.

I’m ground enough in reality to understand that dream will never happen…not even in my wildest dreams.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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