113 of 365


People thing that when you say something like that, you are conceited but I’m honestly not- I’m just really happy with who I am and think I’m a cool guy that is a good person.

I’m into the “cool” stuff like Pokemon, Deadpool, video games, trading cards, Pop figures, Star Wars, wrestling- basically “nerd” culture that is the hot thing these days.

I’m the old guy that refused to “grow up”- I still wear cool t-shirts, watch cartoons and spent most of last night playing Smash Bros.

I’m caring and loving- I’ve kept a decent job for 14 years now and my family comes first- my check goes directly into our account and I basically get whatever is left after bills and everything we need. My wife and son are the number one priority and making sure we are taken care of comes first. I think I’m a good husband, decent dad and all around good person.

I run Commons4Kids and I’ve spend the last 2 decades doing what I can for charities- from gathering presents for “Project- Sharky Claus” to creating C4K and getting ready to hit the 10 million trading cards donated t kids mark. I donate money and try to do 5Ks that have charities attached to them.

I try to do nice things for strangers, as much as I can and I truly try my best to make the world a better place.

I’m a good friend but very few people know that because I don’t deal with bullshit very well- I’m open and upfront when I think you are full of shit or drama and people can’t handle that.

I’m an atheist, liberal snowflake that believes in equality, freedom and personal choices- as well as stepping up to help those who don’t have as much as you do- when those folks truly need help and sometimes, that is hard to determine.

I honestly believe I’m an awesome person and I think everyone should live life so that they can say that as well.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

PS- Also very humble- probably the most humble person on the internet and way more humble than you.

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