114 of 365

My mom made sure I always had a cake and presents but we rarely had birthday parties because I just didn’t have that many friends and she really didn’t have the money to do anything big so it was usually just us- eating a big ol’ cake and opening presents- of course, I was a spoiled brat so I got toys all the time- so it wasn’t all that special.

I don’t really have a “best” birthday memory- I know that my wife has done some really cool things for my birthdays like buying me a piece of the ocean and a piece of property in Scotland so that I’m officially a Lord. There have also been times that we’ve agreed to use the money for my birthday to do something together, with Evan…I believe we did that for the time we took him to see WWE and Monster Jam.

These year she bought me a new air fryer/stove type thing that we use daily…or maybe it was the espresso machine- I can’t even remember this birthday really because it would be considered the worst birthday memory- I spend my birthday and a few days after and again a few more days a week later puking and in extreme pain from my stomach issues.

I would say last year was the worst but my appendix didn’t burst and almost kill me until March 15th and my birthday is March 3rd- so that makes this year’s birthday the single worst one of my life- on top of being sick- it was the first birthday I had since my mom passed away.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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