119 of 365


Reality in everything from religion to politics to history.

Too many people are afraid to face reality and it bugs the shit out of me and it needs to be addressed. Thinks like why we celebrate certain holidays or the true history of Columbus or slavery in our country.

The reality that our country isn’t what it claims to be yet, when you say that, YOU become the bad person.

The reality of how our country doesn’t have anything even close to equality from race to sex yet we continue to claim we do.

I’m passionate about not viewing the world as you WISH it were but how it actually is- and not assuming that your views and opinions actually matter- all that matters is reality, facts and truth- our views and opinions don’t change those.

We teach our kids bullshit history to brainwash them into the lies we’ve told ourselves for thousands of years…all while knowing it’s all bullshit. We need to stop that cycle and start forcing the truth- regardless of how bad it actually is.

I’ve spent the last 25 ish years trying to explain to people who are just too blind to see and that has gotten me death threats and threats of getting beat up- lost friends and arguments that never go anywhere and after all that smoked cleared- there was reality- unchanged.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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