121 of 365

Shit like this just doesn’t fit me- I’m not going to say someone famous because I couldn’t honestly care less. I’m interested in meeting famous people for autographs or something like that but I wouldn’t want to have dinner with them…or interview them, etc because I honestly don’t care.

I could say Marylyn Monroe just to be able to see her because she was gorgeous.

I could say something lame like my mom or another family member but why dinner- it just seems like a stupid question and I’ve never understood those type of questions.

I view death differently than most- sure, I miss my mom and usually something makes me think of her daily but I spent a decade watching her in pain and if I wanted to have one more day with her- it wouldn’t be eating dinner.

I don’t know…just don’t like the question.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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