Cliff Notes – 2019 – Chapter Four

2019 – Missing Link
Chapter Four – A.D.E.D. (Apr)

Sharketo. All Day. Every Day.

Here we are 16 months into the #SharketoSaga and everything seems to be following the path that trilogies usually go- we are almost half way and it’s not looking good for our hero.

Book 2- Missing Link started off really well- everyone was happy and I hit an all-time low of 299 back right before my birthday but then everything fell to shit and I gained 29 lbs during the month of March. I had huge plans to attack April and I had a couple of good weeks but once the carbs were cleared I was right where I was when April started- good news/bad news I guess.

So- I gained 29 lbs in March and maintained during April- even though I was down as much as 12 lbs and then gained it right back.

Now- I have 80 days until I’m supposed to ride my first roller coaster- I would guess that I’m currently still too big to fit so we are at the turning point of the book- which way are we going to go?

March was full of puking and stomach issues and once I got that under control I got hit with having 3 teeth removed- those could be excuses but they are pretty valid excuses. I have a couple months before we are half way through this 3 year saga that I set up for myself and while I’m way behind where I should be- I’m still in a way better place than I was.

I do have a plan and I need to follow it.

The other good news from March and April is that I’m still using it to learn – when and why I ate bad, why I ended up missing workouts and what I like doing compared to the stuff I was trying to force myself to do- that I didn’t like. You can NOT force yourself to do the stuff you don’t like- if you don’t like running- then don’t- find another exercise. Don’t do stuff you don’t enjoy because there are tons of exercises out there that you can do that you will enjoy- like boxing.

More good news- I’m taking a pro-biotic and I feel like its helping a lot and I got the three teeth pulled so that pain is officially gone for good.

I named this book “Missing Link” because I knew it was going to be hard and I knew I needed to find a way to link the instant success that Sharketo brings (dropping 110 lbs in 6 months) to long lasting success- reaching my main goal and maintaining it. I have 7 lbs to lose 89 lbs because I want the last book to focus on a year of maintaining the weight loss.

That averages out to about 12-13 lbs per month and I know I can do this- I dropped 12 lbs in one week of April by sticking to the plan.

This is the start of day 3 being back on it and I should be back into Sharktosis by the end of the week and then I can step up the exercise along with walking more (Color Run 5K is in June) and mowing once per week.

The main key for me is FOOD. I’ve used sugar free candy to sort of get me off the hard stuff over the last few days so I need to slow that down. I’ve already been drinking more water and trying to get back into the 20/4 IF schedule.

This saga isn’t even half way over- I’ve got a long way to go but it’s very doable and I need to make it A.D.E.D.

Another chapter to keep you on the edge of your seat- willhe hit his goal? Will he gain it all back? Will he fit into a roller coaster in just 2.5 months?

Keep reading.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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