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Ability to freeze time.

My favorite Twilight Zone episodes is from 1985, Season 1, Episode 1b called “A Little Piece and Quiet” and it was directed by Wes Craven.

Penny has the ability to stop time and, through the episode, she freezes time to enjoy things like alone time or a bath. At the end of the episode, there is a nuclear bomb dropped and Penny uses the ability to freeze time and it ends with Penny walking through the streets with everyone frozen- looking towards the sky, terrified- with a Soviet nuclear missile frozen a few hundred feed in the air, nose down, and moments from impact.

So- should Penny live eternally alone in a silent but safe world or unfreeze time and have the world be annihilated by nuclear war?

But I always saw it differently- couldn’t she figure out a way to reach the bomb and move it somewhere else…lower it to the ground so that it doesn’t hit and cause an explosion?

Now- don’t get me wrong- I don’t want it for that stuff- I want it to be able to move people around so they are in weird positions when I unfreeze time or just take the tops off of sexy girls with big boobs…I’m a perv like that.

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