May Keto Krate

This month’s Keto Krate was absolutely amazing!!! It was loaded with 10 different items to try out and not just a “sample version” but full bags, bars, etc!

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Now- as usual- you aren’t just getting my review of these products but my wife and son also try them out so this is basically THREE reviews in one and I try to be as honest as possible and give a review of each item- as well as what my wife and son think and we do NOT always agree.

Let’s krack it!!! (see what I did there with that K…)

The first thing I noticed was the weight- this sucker was HEAVY…and for good reason- it had an entire container of Milkadamia Vanilla Macadamia milk in there! I’ve never had macadamia milk but I don’t care too much for almond milk so I wasn’t excited about this- however, it was delicious! It has a nice flavor and consistency. However- these folks know what they are doing because they threw in a bag of Catalina Crunch Cinnamon Toast Cereal to enjoy with your milk!

I first tried some of this out of the pack and it taste just like the carb loaded Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal- which is one of my son’s favorite- so I had him try it and he loved it as well. YES- a 12 year old, picky eater loved it!

The next morning- the wife and I had our first bowl of cereal on Sharketo and it was amazing- it truly felt like we were eating regular cereal and we got that “cheat” feeling of having a bowl- but without all the carbs!

These two items are amazing separate but even better together!

Next up we tried the Sun Biotics Brand Probiotic Chocolate Almonds. These are cocoa covered almonds and weren’t as great as some of the others we have tried BUT they have included probiotic stuff in there to make them healthy- so you lose a bit of taste but get added health benefits- so that is a plus.

These were NOT bad in anyway- they had a great taste and would be perfect for a quick snack on the run.

These weren’t the only nuts though…the krate also included a bag of Pizootz Sea Salt & Cracked Pepper peanuts and these things WERE amazing- honestly the best peanut I’ve ever eaten. They had a little kick to them- they were fresh and the wife and son both agreed these were easily the best peanuts we’ve tried.

The krate also included two cookies from Eat Fat Snax- double chocolate chip and OMG- it was like eating an actual carb filled cookie! The wife and I have tried to make keto friendly cookies but they are always too grainy or just have a weird taste but these bad boys DID NOT! These were amazing and I’m still having a hard time believing they were keto friendly- someone had to make a mistake here and switch the cookies but I’m not complaining…seriously an amazing cookie. Perfect texture.

Most of the krates usually have a beef stick and this month is was from Mission Meats and it was an original flavored grass-fed beef stick…and again…probably one of the best beef sticks ever! The quality was amazing but the taste was mind blowing- my wife ended up eating most of it. She loves beef sticks and she said this was the best she has ever had and I agree. Some beef steaks can be too greasy or spicy but this thing was spot on perfection!

Then we have the Stoka Bars Choco Almond Stoka bar and while it was krazy krunchy- that seems to be their “thing” because it’s right there on the package! Another amazing item from this month’s krate- great chocolate taste and the almonds blended perfectly in and we all loved it. We used to get fiber bars but they were loaded with sugar and carbs- now we have this amazing bar to get the same crunch without all the crap!

The krate came with a Keto Meal Replacement but we haven’t/probably won’t try it- I do realize that isn’t really fair but we don’t really do meal replacements so I can’t give a review of that. Sorry.

This leaves two items and I’ve saved the best (and worst) for last.

Let’s go with the worst- not just of this krate but of basically any keto snack I’ve tried so far- the Dang Foods Cardamon Chai Keto bar…and I really wanted to like this so I could go around talking about “my DANG bar” but I didn’t at all- maybe it was the flavor. I bit into it and it was like mushy wet birdseed or something in my mouth and I had to spit it out. My wife said it wasn’t that bad but wasn’t a fan and our son didn’t like it either. Maybe they have great other flavors but this one was a miss.

NOW…ladies and gentlemen…I’ve used words like great, amazing and delicious because this month’s krate was KRAZY!! (killing the “K” game right now…)

The best thing in this krate and the single best snack I’ve ever had goes to Chocorite Protein bars…OMG…they sent the Yellow Cake bar and we all three fell in love with this thing. The texture had me worried because it was almost like silly putty but once you take a bite- you are LOST! It’s a protein bar that taste like heaven and it was loaded with actual pieces of yellow cake. The wife and I were fighting over the last piece and I will be ordering every flavor they have. Not just the best protein bar of all time but the best overall keto snack ever!! I can NOT describe the amazement I felt eating this thing!

So- there you have it 8/10 products this month were INCREDIBLE….easily the best Keto Krate I’ve ever gotten.

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Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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