127 of 365

There are three that come to mind-

1 The time I had to rush my wife to the ER and they thought she could be having a stroke or something worse- I don’t think I could face life without her. Come to find out she was having vertigo attacks- which are still scary when she has them but at least we now know what they are- it was terrifying watching her on that hospital bed and knowing that I could lose her and there was nothing I could do.

2 The time I got a call that my wife had been in a wreck and was at the hospital- I had no clue what was going on and thankfully she wasn’t inured- just a busted lip and some bumps here and there- our van was totaled and our son wasn’t with her- so that was good.

3 And finally March 15th, 2018.

I had been in pain for a few days and when my wife got home, I was in pretty bad shape so I was rushed to the ER. After some test, the surgeon came in to say that my appendix had burst and that I had to have emergency surgery and, due to my weight, it didn’t really look good. I had already lost about 70 lbs and he was very clear- if I hadn’t lost that weight, I would have probably died or the surgery would have been a lot harder on me.

He still wasn’t sure if they could do the easy surgery or would have to basically cut my in half to get in there and he wasn’t very sure I would even make it because my appendix had burst a few days prior and had already started dying. I had been to the DR and he told me I was constipate and to “wait it out.”

I had to tell my wife bye and that I loved her for what could have been the last time and I was rolled into a room and put under.

Thankfully I woke up and fully recovered but it was the closest to death I had ever been.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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