141 of 365

My phone.

I know that isn’t what it’s talking about but I rarely have time to just lay around and read so all of my reading is basically done on my phone- from short stories to news articles and there isn’t a “place” that I like to read because my phone is always with me. Maybe I’m lying in bed and catching up on stuff or the wife runs into a store and I read in the car.

I do want to start reading more and I even have several books that I want to get read by with the weight loss and trying to keep myself busy, I don’t really have time and I do regret that and I feel like I need to change that- if I only set aside a couple of hours each Sunday to just get comfy on the couch and read something.

That sounds like a decent plan….so the couch…that would be my go to spot to read.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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