142 of 365

Rob banks.

Banks are shitty places that make money based on your debt so the more debt you have, the more interest you pay and the more money they make. My biggest problem is debt and even though people say that money can’t make you happy- it sure as hell can make life less stressful and give you the financial freedom to do things you LOVE instead of being stuck in a “9-5” desk job that sucks the soul out of you and makes your ass hurt.

I’m not a thieve but call it being a Robin Hood for myself- I’d rob banks and then, the next day, use that money to pay the banks off and save a little nest egg so that I could quit my job and focus on being Sharky 24/7 with writing, photography, art, streaming and anything else I could think of for “content.”

I would rob from a person but screw banks.

I will say- this question could really get into some decent porn movies…maybe I should start writing erotica.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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