143 of 365

I think about things that I’ve done that may be considered “outrageous or crazy” to me and then realize that it’s pretty tame compared to other folks.

Some people would considered getting a tattoo to be outrageous and crazy- but I’m covered in them. I’ve ran a stop sign before, we used to have “drive by” water shootings when were when we went cruising on the weekends.

I punched a teacher in middle school (by accident). I was in a fight and he grabbed the other kid as I swung so I hit him.

My wife and I hoped in a car that was already considered to be “totaled” and drive about 14 hours to Myrtle Beach with no credit card and very little money. A lot of folks would just consider that to be stupid though.

To me- the most outrageous and crazy thing I’ll probably ever do is coming up on July 20th when I try to ride a roller coaster for the first time- I realize kids do that all the time but I’ve never been on one and not really a fan of heights- so it’s pretty crazy to me.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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