145 of 365

Yahoo Personals.

I sent her an “ice breaker” or something and added her on Yahoo Messenger- I don’t remember 100%- I just remember that she was local and didn’t have a picture and, at the time, I was my own apartment and I was dating so I added her and never really thought anything about it.

Then I noticed this gorgeous girl on my list that I had never seen before and it was her- I sent her a message and we talked for a bit and I asked her over that night. She was scared and we had this little stupid back and forth about my knife being in the shop so I couldn’t kill her if she showed up so she would be safe.

This dumbass drive about 45 mins away, to the projects, in the middle of the damn night to meet a stranger!

When I opened the door- it was instant love (and lots of cleavage!) I know I loved her the moment I saw her- we sat on the couch and talked for a few hours and then her friend called with some of her bullshit drama so she had to leave.

Once she left, I instantly jumped on Yahoo and deleted all the other girls I had been talking too- I had no doubt.

That was October 20th, 2003 and there hasn’t been a day since that we haven’t seen each other- a couple weeks later I moved in with her.

Pregnant, engagement, wedding, kid, house, cars, credit cards, debt and 16 years later and BOOM- here we are.

Thankfully I had broken my knife the night before- if it hadn’t been in the shop at the time- things could have been WAY different.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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