147 of 365


WHAT???!!!?!??!?! IKR!!!

Of course I love Saturday and Sunday because I don’t work but Monday is my favorite day because it’s when I seem to be the most motivated as far as weight loss and getting healthy. It feels like a fresh start and I seem to do way better when I’m at work.

At work, I have no food just setting there and I stay busy and I get my walking in on my breaks and lunch and it’s not like I’m just setting there thinking about food all day long.

It’s really easy to fast from the time I go to bed until the time I get home the next day- my problems are usually on the weekend when I don’t have those long periods where I’m away from food or not just laying around watching TV or something. The key is to be away from food and to stay busy and I get that at work.

I don’t want to become someone that works all the time but I really enjoy Monday because it seems to help me get back on track and motivated. Saturdays and Sundays are way more fun but usually for all the wrong reasons.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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