148 of 365

Hell no.

We did get rid of cable but we watch a ton of shows- and I watch news all the time. It’s mostly where we get our weather PLUS it’s the only way to play video games.

I mean, yea, I have a Switch and stuff like that but you get what I’m saying.

On top of that- I have a television as my computer monitor. We currently have 6 TVs in our house- which is pretty damn insane really.

It probably shouldn’t be this way but the TV is basically the center of our entire life- from news to entertainment to computer to gaming.

There is nothing more relaxing then going down to The Shark’s Den and sorting cards on my big comfy couch and watching some MSNBC or something I’ve never watch or watched for a long time- Star Trek, Dukes of Hazzard of reruns of The Goldbergs.

The TV is my 2nd best friend- I named mine Tubby.

Love, Peace and Sharkyness

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